About us

An HR consultancy business specialized in outsourcing professionals to the pharmaceutical segment. 20 Years ago we put our experience and networking at the service of our customers and employees.

About us captativa
About us captativa
About us captativa

Our customers and our employees are our partners. Their demands become our own, and we have everything needed to find efficient solutions. We use our vast network of relationships to connect companies and talents, thus offering Outsourcing and Temporary Labor services.

Whether our job is to manage an outsourced Medical Science Liaison professional or a core Pharmacovigilance with several professionals, we can meet it in record time and with the ideal professional for each project.

Our Story

Our story began in 2000 and arose from the talent and commitment of Raquel Chueiri, our founder: connecting people and projects with affinities and purpose and building a cohesive team in pursuit of professional and personal goals. Then came our vocation to promote productive and healthy relationships between people and companies.

We continue in the relationship business by uniting those who “make a difference” with transparency and proximity. Because besides loving and believing in what we do, we know that our resource is very special. Because the Resource is Human.


“Working with a team that believes in people's potential is an important fuel for meeting everyday challenges with more confidence and motivation.”

Renata Alves

Captativa employee

“Joining a nice team like Captativa gives me great motivation to grow professionally. It is gratifying to be part of a team where people are open to new ideas, respecting the profile of each professional and encouraging new learning experiences.”

Giovanna Zaccaria

Captativa employee

“I would like to thank everyone at Captativa for the kindness and attention I received in these last two fantastic years. I have only good things to say about the company and my immense thanks for the learning experience.”

Adrylene Ribeiro

Former Captativa employee

“Thank you so much for this gift and for every day since I joined Captativa, thank you for always being considerate, kind and respectful.”

Aline Fonseca

Captativa employee

“I would like to thank you for all your support, for all your proactivity, for always being available, for taking care of details such as birthday presents, end-of-the-year lunches and Christmas chocotones! You have all left a mark in my life in a very positive way. You have always listened to me, answered many of my requests and I felt very happy in these 4 years of Captativa! ”

Juliana Andrade

former Captativa employee

“I was a Captativa employee for 4 years. I have always felt very welcomed, respected and important when working as a third party for our clients. I have never had any problems with Captativa and I can say that they really practice what they preach when they say that the resource is human, and they are always correct and ethical above all. It is the best third party company I have worked for, no comparison. I always recommend them to my colleagues! ”

Suelen Furtado

former Captativa employee

Our customers

Our clients become partners with whom we discuss the most appropriate outsourcing project for professionals or temporary labor according to the company profile. More than just selecting and positioning talent to work on clients’ projects, Captativa has a strategic vision, updated resources and specialized staff.

We believe in outsourcing as a smart process for the pharmaceutical industries, aligning their goals with our experience in selecting and managing allocated employees.